Business Insurance

Key Person Loss of Revenue Protection:

This gives you protection for the loss of anyone key in your business through death, disablement or physical disability.  An example of a Key Person is;

  • The founder or owner of a business,
  • Your top sales person who generates the business income,
  • A specialist who is vital to business success.

This benefit could keep your business alive, fund ongoing business expenses and give you the opportunity to plan for the future.

Share Purchase Insurance:

This type of insurance allows a surviving shareholder to purchase the ill or deceased shareholders’ shares to enable them to continue running the business.

The protection comes with a share purchase agreement.

Business Loan Insurance:

In the event of illness or premature death the business loan is paid off.

Business Expenses:

This is a type of Income Protection package that pays off business expenses only in the event of illness or physical disability.


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