Personal Insurance

Life Insurance

This makes sure that your loved ones are financially secure in the event of death or terminal illness. Life insurance helps ensure that big debts are paid off, funeral expenses are covered and it can provide an on going income for your loved ones..

Total and Permanent Disability Cover

This insurance pays a lump sum in the event of suffering a long-term disablement which prevent you from returning to work.

Serious Illness

This provides a lump sum should you suffer one of the conditions as specified in the policy.  The conditions are by nature serious and possibly life-threatening and can have significant impact on your finances.  The purpose for the funds are for you to decide.

Income Protection

Income protection pays you a weekly income in the event of not being able to work through sickness or physical disability.  This means that you can pay your mortgage, bills and keep up your standard of living. It is important to receive advice due to the different products available.

Mortgage Repayment Protection

Mortgage protection can help pay your monthly mortgage repayments if your earning is affected by illness, disability or redundancy.  This means that your home is safe and kept in your families hands.

Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance gives you the option of a broader range of treatment options than are available through public health. It also provides medical care at the time and place of need, avoiding lengthy waiting lists.

House Contents, Car & Boat

We find solutions to protect your assets.

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